Your Business Assets

It’s more than likely that your company/organization has a number of valuable commodities beyond your
website that can be used to improve the quality and quantity of traffic you receive
through search engine optimization efforts. Possible assets you may have at your disposal are discussed here.

Other Domains You Own/Control

If you have multiple domains, things to think about are:

  • Can you redirect some of those domains back to your main domain or to a subfolder
    on the site?
  • Do you own exact keyword match domain names that would make for effective
  • If you’re maintaining those domains as separate sites, are you linking between them

Partnerships On and Off the Web

Partnerships can be leveraged, particularly on the link-building front. If you
have business partners that you supply, or are supplied by, or work – there may be
an opportunity that you can implement link strategies between their sites and yours.

Content You’ve Never Put Online

You may have content that you’ve never published on your website but maybe immensely valuable
to your SEO efforts and may include:

  • Articles or journals you may have published when you were shipping a print publication via the
    mail are a great fit for your website archives.
  • You should take all of your email newsletters and make them accessible on your site.
  • If you have unique data sets or written material, you should apply it to relevant pages on your
    site (or consider building out if nothing yet exists).

Customers Who Have Had a Positive Experience

Customers who have good things to say about the service which you provide can be a great resource especially
if they are willing to contribute all kinds of content. Seriously, if you have usergenerated
content (UGC) options available to you and you see value in the content your users
produce, by all means reach out to customers, visitors, and email list subscribers for both links
and content opportunities.

Your Fans

This principle applies equally to generic enthusiasts of your work. For many businesses that
operate offline or work in entertainment, hard goods, or any consumer services, chances are
good that if your business is worth its salt, you’ve got people who’ve used your products or
services and would love to share their experience.

Like customers, fans are terrific resources for link acquisition, content creation, positive
testimonials, and social media marketing (to help spread the word).

It is often far easier to optimize what you’re already doing than to develop entirely new strategies, content, and
processes. Particularly on the link-building side, this is some of the lowest hanging fruit around.

Search engines drive dramatic quantities of focused traffic by which your business
can earn significant revenues by leveraging the quality and relevance of this traffic for direct sales, customer
acquisition, and branding/awareness campaigns.

Visibility in search engines creates an implied endorsement effect, where searchers
associate quality, relevance, and trustworthiness with sites that rank highly for their

Dramatic growth in the interaction between offline and online marketing necessitates
investment by organizations of all kinds in a successful search strategy. Consumers are
increasingly turning to the Web before making purchases and so organizations cannot afford to ignore
their customers’ needs.

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